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August 08, 2008


Charlie Kotan

Russ, this is an excellent resource - keep up the good work. Today I'm looking for a free wifi hotspot and the Fair is long over, so I'll keep looking. I attended a couple of the Telecom Committee meetings, and am glad it has morphed. I'll subscribe to the RSS to keep informed.

Last year Hugh Tower in GV set me up with Wild Blue - the Pro Package @ $79/mo - and it works fine, albiet sometimes not as fast as I like. It even holds the VPN connecion (ATT Dialer) several days.

Sadly, performance thru the Tunnel is terrible because of - I believe - the satellite latency. Thus, I can surf fairly well, but logging into remote Unix/Linux machines and running X-windows is almost impossible. So I have been talking with Smarter Broadband whilst waiting for my WildBlue contract to expire.

I'll be doing a VPN throughput test at a friend's house this week and hope to spend even more money on my Internet. I'll drop another comment as I have info.

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